UNLV Art Dept


UNLV Art Department




The goal of the project was to redesign the website of the Art Department at University of Nevada, Las Vegas because the current website is not well presented to attract new students and is not providing enough information for their parents/guardians.



Current Website



Despite being an Art Department webpage, it fails to display any visual creativity. There is little to no presence of students or students' work.

By heavily promoting campus galleries and museums, it deemphasizes the academic programs which is what most visitors come to the page for.

The information hierarchy is weak mainly due to typography, negative space, layout, and too much screen real estate is taken by the large footer.




SWOT Analysis

In order to understand the project scope better, I chose to examine the UNLV Art Department from a business standpoint.

The UNLV Art Department is located on the east side of the campus. It is relatively old but maintained. Decent equipments and facilities are available.

The department lacks effective marketing plans. There is not enough emphasis on the academic programs and student work.

Museum and gallery exhibitions are frequently promoted within and outside campus. It is affordable to live in Las Vegas and attend UNLV and so attract more students. There is a strong up and rising art community locally.

Big competitors such as the Art Institute and California colleges. There is not enough headcount of full-time faculties to deeply nurture the programs. Other departments are better funded.



Information Architecture

While mapping out the structure of the site, I tried my best to through as many flows as possible, linking any pages that could be discovered relevantly.



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