Identity | Motion Graphics | Illustration



SAGA (Student Association of Graphic Artists) is a student organization at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where graphic artists can gather to share experiences and expand their network. SAGA’s goal is to bridge the gap between students and professionals.

In order to grow and attract more members, I rebranded the organization to be more fun and lighthearted. New promotional materials and social media content were also integrated into the newly expanded look and feel.

On top of that, a promotional video titled “NOW” was created to introduce SAGA to potential members.



Besides proactively promoting the organization, the goals were to convey the lighthearted and friendly tone of the new SAGA and engage new members more deeply through the simple interaction of drawing on the member cards and officer cards



Thank You Cards

These playful cards were given to guest speakers as a token of gratitude.



Promotional Content & Materials

Following the new look and feel, some announcement graphics were created as well as T-shirts and stickers that were tagged throughout the campus.