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L2 Animation

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During my time at L2 Inc., I had the opportunities to animate for three of the company’s New York events. The videos were mostly simple graphics and speakers’ information.

Most videos consist of an Intro, Module 1 transition, Module 2 transition, and sometimes an Outro.

1. Mobile

April 12, 2016

As many brands struggle to embrace a “digital = mobile” mentality, first-movers are recognizing dividends on early investments. L2’s researchers, industry experts and thought leaders examined how to tailor digital efforts for the small screen. Topics included mobile payments, advertising, and innovations in consumer engagement. (Source: L2 Inc.)



2. Clicks & Mortar

February 04, 2016

The event examined how deft retailers are using digital as the connective tissue between their site, store and the consumer. Topics included a review of the latest technologies and their impact on the ecosystem, innovation in retailing and case studies of the emerging winners and losers. (Source: L2 Inc.)



3. Digital Leadership Academy

July 13, 2016

The L2/NYU Stern Digital Leadership Academy, led by HBS, Tuck, Kellogg, McGill and NYU faculty and L2 researchers, was a two-day conference rooted in business fundamentals coupled with tactical sessions on digital topics. (Source: L2 Inc.)